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Master Financial Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately owned financial planning practice (part of the InterPrac Financial Planning AFSL), which provides a broad range of expert financial solutions to meet all client’s needs.


Master Financial Solutions Pty Ltd was founded by Peter Wan in 2013. Peter is a Certified Financial Planner or CFP professional with more than ten years of experience in the financial planning industry. He also holds two Masters degrees. He is a mortgage professional. He is approachable and focused on providing value for his clients by explaining strategies in a clear and meaningful way.

Unlike many financial planning companies, Master Financial Solutions Pty Ltd is independently owned and not obligated to any financial institution, bank or insurance company. We offer tailored personal advice to deliver services and solutions that help our clients reach their financial goals by creating wealth and protecting their assets over their lifetime.  We provide cost-effective financial solutions to ensure peace of mind and financial security for our clients.

Our Services

PROVIDE smarter financial solutions, customized for you

HELP to make the most out of your money

PROTECT your wealth & the people you love

FIND you the best loan

Master Financial Solutions

How are we different

  • 100% Privately Owned & Operated

  • No Commissions on Investments

  • Professional Qualifications

  • Extensive Real-Life Experience

  • Ongoing Committment