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Thomas & CrystalClient since 2013
“Peter listens to our financial goals and formulates a long term plans that are achievable. He simplifies all the financial jargon with relevant examples so it’s easier for us to understand. He’s quick to respond to any queries we have. We are always impressed by Peter’s knowledge and professionalism.
SuchadaClient since 2013
“Peter has given me advice in areas including my superannuation, risk insurance and home loans. Peter’s knowledge and experience gives me the confidence that my needs and goals will be achieved, he is wonderful, and I always receive his full care and attention. I have already accumulated much more super for my retirement, my family and I are fully protected and I have already paid down my home loan and will pay off my home loan before the age of 65. I feel that everything is under control due to Peter’s advice and services.”
MartinClient since 2014
“I have been a client of Master Financial Solutions since 2014 and would highly recommend their advice and services. Peter brought his expertise to my complex financial situation, assisting me to get my house title deed and full pension from Centrelink. I am more than happy with the results. I have recommended a number of my friends and family to Master Financial Solutions and they also are very happy with Peter’s advice and services.
Sandy & MaxClient since 2011
“We would like to express our thanks for the work you have done for us over the past years. We are very impressed with Peter’s experience and sharing of knowledge in financial services. He always puts us first – in terms of home loans, we feel a big difference between Peter and the banks. Although we can easily arrange our home loans from the bank, Peter provided us with different structures and options for our owner occupied loan and our investment loan so that we can save interest costs and get maximum tax benefits.
NitaClient since 2009
“Since working with Peter, he has always been professional, honest, reliable and transparent. He has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to our best interest and has led us to consider options that we hadn’t fully considered before. Whenever something happened to us or our family, the first person we would contact is Peter. I have and would recommend Peter to my friends!”
Wilson & MaiClient since 2013
“We have always found Peter to be very approachable. His knowledge is excellent and he helps us understand financial complexities in simple language. We trust Peter’s sound advice and services, we even took our son to see Peter for mortgage advice of his investment property. Our son felt very happy about Peter’s approach and has transferred all of his financial matters under Peter’s management.